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Rachael Young


Challenging homophobia and transphobia within our communities, Out is a conversation between two bodies; a live art/dance performance, reclaiming dancehall and celebrating queerness amongst the bittersweet scent of oranges. Performed with marikiscrycrycry.
_Time: 15.45 (60 mins)

Naked Productions

Out of Your Mind, by Naomi Sheldon

Three students, one underground tunnel and some very scary sounds... An exploration of what happens to the mind in an age of surveillance. What is the mind capable of when all you have is your imagination?
_Time: 18.00 (30 mins)



BALKANARAMA are back at Summerhall this August with their incredible sell-out show. This riotous night brings you the best of tastes and sounds of the Balkans – expect superb live music, gypsy belly dancing, Balkan Beats DJs, bespoke live visuals, Balkan rakija, costume boudoirs and more. 
_Time: 22.30 (270 mins)

Sparklab Productions

The Ladies Room, by Gemma Bedeau

How do you stay friends when people change? Join Amy, Becca and Keisha in Gemma Bedeau's The Ladies Room on a girls' night out. Alcohol, resentments and revelations lead to a confrontation that cannot be ignored.
_Time: 18.00 (30 mins)

The Theatre Centre, CanadaHub

Sea Sick

The ocean contains the switch of life. Not land, not the atmosphere. The ocean. And that switch can be turned off... Acclaimed science journalist Alanna Mitchell performs her terrifying, laugh-out-loud and ultimately hopeful story about climate change.
_Time: 12.30 (70 mins)

The Chop, CanadaHub

Pathetic Fallacy

A performer steps out of the show for personal reasons. Every day, a different stand-in takes on the central role to replace her. A live green screen is the backdrop for this show about the weather.
_Time: 17.00 (60 mins)


Faking It, by Owen Whitelaw

During a Radio 3 live broadcast, a private detective stuns the audience by accusing a best-selling author of murder. The author denies the accusation and sets out to prove her innocence to the audience.
_Time: 18.00 (30 mins)

Paines Plough and Theatr Clwyd

Dexter and Winter's Detective Agency

By Nathan Bryon. When Dexter’s mum is sent to jail for getting mixed up in a jewellery robbery, it’s up to Dexter and Winter to get her out. A madcap adventure by Nathan Bryon (CBeebies' Rastamouse).
_Time: 11.20 (50 mins)

Paines Plough and Theatr Clwyd


By Charley Miles. One sister stayed at home to care for Dad. The other set out to "make a difference". A beautiful, ferocious play from Charley Miles about the bonds that tie us and how we sometimes need to break them.
_Time: 11.20, 14.15 (70 mins)

Catherine Hoffmann

Cyst-er Act

Cyst-er Act. A messy live art musical about the bloody realms of the womb. What's it like to have your fallopian tube hacked off or to birth a 10lb cyst? Find out through gospel, death metal and punk.
_Time: 12.05 (55 mins)

Alpo Aaltokoski Company in association with From Start to Finnish

Ali and Alpo

A beautiful wordless dialogue between Iraqi traditional music and Finnish contemporary dance. The piece touchingly draws out the human experience and the consequences of an increasingly restrictive asylum policy.
_Time: 13.05 (40 mins)

Cade & MacAskill in association with Take Me Somewhere


Two of Scotland's finest live artists spew out their dark, humorous take on modern communication as doppelganger DJs Barry and Barry, trapped in a surreal phone-in talk show.
_Time: 13.30 (60 mins)


Pecs: Soft Bois

Soft, sensual and fresh from their extended sell-out run of SEX SEX MEN MEN at The Yard Theatre, the one and only Pecs bois are making their Edinburgh debut, bringing you some new feels straight from their aching hearts.
_Time: 22.35 (50 mins)

Rachael Young


*The run of Nightclubbing has ended, but Rachael Young is performing another piece, OUT, in the same time slot.* Rachael Young and her badass band of superhumans embrace Afrofuturism and the cult of Grace Jones in Nightclubbing; an explosive new performance bringing visceral live music and intergalactic visions to start a revolution.
_Time: 15.45 (60 mins)

Helen Milne Productions

Islander: A New Musical

Eilidh stares out to sea and dreams of a new life beyond her lonely island. Myth and reality collide when the tide washes a mysterious stranger onto her beach, changing her life forever.
_Time: 10.00 (60 mins)