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Palmer and Hall Music

Dead Equal

A herstory about women warriors; weaving verbatim testimony of contemporary army servicewomen with the true story of Flora Sandes, heroine on the Allied front line in the First World War, set to music by Rose Miranda Hall.
_Time: 19.00 (60 mins)

The Story of Books

Unicorns, Almost - An Audio Installation

An immersive audio experience and installation based on the play by Owen Sheers about the life and work of WW2 poet Keith Douglas.
_Time: 13.15, 15.15, 17.15 (60 mins)

Creative Electric

The Happiness Project

'At first you feel a winding pain... you get used to it, then you develop a liking to it...' The Happiness Project explores our need for non-sexual physical contact in our highly digital era.
_Time: 14.20 (50 mins)


Bomb Happy

A verbatim play about ordinary young men in extraordinary times. Bomb Happy evocatively brings to life the powerful testimonies of five Normandy Veterans, inexperienced young conscripts, who find themselves part of one of the most dangerous operations of World War II.
_Time: 14.20, 15.40 (70 mins)

The Shift Theatre

Hallowed Ground

From Serbian snowfields to deserts in Afghanistan, four women unite across a century.
_Time: 17.20 (60 mins)

The Story of Books

Unicorns, Almost

'Wonderful' (Margaret Atwood). Unicorns, Almost is a play by Owen Sheers about the life and work of WWII poet Keith Douglas. A one-man show in an immersive space with accompanying exhibition. Produced by The Story of Books.
_Time: 13.15 (60 mins)