Catherine Hoffmann

Cyst-er Act

cyst-er act
credit: Holly Revell
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Contains nudity, strobe lighting & strong language/swearing
_ Time: 12.05
_ Duration: 55 mins
_ Age Suitability: 14+

A messy Live Art musical probing into the bloody realms of the womb. What’s it like to have your fallopian tube hacked off or to birth a 10lb cyst baby?  Cyst-er Act is a new work written about Catherine Hoffmann’s personal experience of having an ovary removed, and the discoveries of other women’s womb difficulties. It uncovers lost knowledge about women’s bodies to a live score of ovary blues, punk and death metal with some gospel numbers thrown in.   Catherine is joined onstage by her two Poly-Cysters. Expect slime, songs and speculums.

Supported by Arts Council England, Metal and Ovalhouse.

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