Extinction Rebellion: Tapestry

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29 July & 03 Aug. 20:00 - 21:00. Free (ticketed)
_ Time:
_ Duration: mins
_ Age Suitability: 12+
_ Venue: Basement

Tapestry is a durational performance about an imaginary saint and the power of collective action. Our saint is not one person, but many, brought to life in a durational performance which embodies regenerative culture. When the performer gets tired, another body takes their place until there are no more people willing to participate, at which point the piece ends. In the spirit of Extinction Rebellion, Tapestry asks for your help – a gentle introduction to the enriching power of group action. The first step in creating change is just showing up. Margaret’s plays include ‘Porcelain‘ (Abbey Theatre/BBC Radio 4) and ‘Collapsible‘, which comes to the Fringe 2019 from VAULT Festival where it won an Origins Award for Outstanding New Work.