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"Imagine the Mighty Boosh crossed with the best episode of Girls. Prepare to cry and laugh several times over. You’ll leave a better person"
Elle Magazine (on Brigitte Aphrodite’s previous show, My Beautiful Black Dog)
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Strobe Lighting, Strong Language/Swearing. Access: captioned performances on 07/08, 14/08 & 21/08.
_ Time: 17.05
_ Duration: 60 mins
_ Age Suitability: 14+
_ Venue: Roundabout

In Margate, an isolated teenager forms a band and finds her voice with the help of a gang of exotic birds.

A new musical about finding your flock and ruffling feathers, Parakeet is a feast for the ears, eyes and heart told through irresistible song, poetry and electronic sounds. Discover the new spirit of punk: punk with empathy.

Written by Brigitte Aphrodite with music by Quiet Boy.

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