Wild Women and Oneironauts

The Whisper Theatre Collective

Wild Women and Oneironauts

Wild Women
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Strobe lighting.
_ Time: 20.50
_ Duration: 85 mins
_ Age Suitability: 16+

The Whisper presents a double-feature.  In Wild Women, three goddesses are summoned to bestow their ancient wisdom on the city. Instead, the heavens send the women your mother hoped you would never become. These grotesque clowns go on a hilarious, irreverent journey of feminine stories (from Eve to Cinderella) to discover what has happened to the Wild Woman.

Oneironauts is a movement and sensorial journey navigating the mysteries, oddities, and tragedies of the dreamscape. Using physical theatre, dance, and partner acrobatics, we tumble into the shadow of our reality and wonder if we will ever find our way back.