Standing Too Close On Our Own In The Dark

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Standing Too Close On Our Own In The Dark

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_ Time: 22.35
_ Duration: 50 mins
_ Age Suitability: 12+
_ Venue: Roundabout

Standing Too Close on Our Own in the Dark is a gig-theatre event which is as vibrant and hopeful as it is melancholic – a romantic tragedy which sees its performer labour over a journal of original poetry and comedic monologue with encouragement from a live band.

Part-gig, part-spoken word ramble, part-stand up set, Standing Too Close effervesces with the endearing awkwardness of early-20s social discomfort, delivering an abundance of pop-philosophy with live music, understated wit and a charming poet who waxes lyrical about the cosmos, bike locks and ex-girlfriends’ dads.

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