SUPERFAN in association with Tron Theatre

Like Animals

credit: Mihaela Bodlovic
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Contains Strobe lighting. Access: Captioned performance 16/08
_ Time: 14.15
_ Duration: 60 mins
_ Age Suitability: 14+
_ Venue: Old Lab

A parrot says ‘I love you’.

A dolphin tries to speak.

A woman spends a lifetime trying to understand.

Like Animals is a funny and poignant investigation into love and communication in human (and not-so-human) relationships.

Inspired by true stories of animal language experiments and performed by a real couple, it blends surreal comedy with moments of tenderness and vulnerability to explore the impossibility of ever truly knowing someone else.

SUPERFAN is a collaboration between Ellie Dubois, Kim Donohoe and Peter Lannon.

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