Summerhall Festival Visual Arts

25 JULY - 27 OCTOBER 2019

We are proud to present our visual arts programme for 2019. This year we continue to show art that is relevant to current political changes; art that is critical and art that takes a stand.

We believe that artists’ voices are an important contribution to public debate on the challenges of the modern world. We hope to engage, inspire and provoke dialogue. Alan Smith, Andrew Sim, Extinction Rebellion, Jane Frere, The New York Times: Carbon’s Casualties and Joseph Beuys.

Summerhall galleries are free

The programme will run from:

25 JULY – 25 AUGUST 2019

Galleries open Tues-Sun 11:00-18:00


28 AUGUST – 27 OCTOBER 2019

Galleries open Wed-Sun 11:00-18:00

  • Extinction Rebellion

    Extinction Rebellion (XR) will be exhibiting at Summerhall during this year’s Festival Fringe, curating a month of visual art, films, documentaries and performances.

  • The New World

    Using entirely new materials Alan Smith built digital images that reference the spirit of many of his works made over the last fifty years.

  • New Sodom Will Be A Shining City On A Hill

    Andrew Sim's new pastel drawings on paper document the shadow that growing up in the wake of the AIDS crisis, under Section 28, has cast on artist’s experience of a new period of queer liberation.

  • Exit - 100 Days of Khaos!

    The whole world has now seen the ‘mother of parliaments’ imploding in irreconcilable self-destructive mayhem. This exhibition charts Freyre's personal response during the 100 days leading in.

  • Carbon's Casualties

    From The New York Times. Since 2015, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times photographer Josh Haner has worked across the globe documenting the pressing and wide-ranging realities of climate change.

  • Joseph Beuys / Da Vinci

    Robert McDowell curates an installation of art, prints, photographs, publications and objects of and about Joseph Beuys who remains a major inspiration of Summerhall.

  • Art & Healing

    Exhibitions from the archives of Richard Demarco will be open to the public as part of this year’s festival programme, with a focus on Art and Healing.